Saris for Widows

India is very much part of my life! I love India and its people with a passion. These people inspire me with their resourcefulness, creativity and the joy they have despite the hardness of life.

Widows especially have been laid on my heart and over the years I have had the privilege of meeting many of them, from the very young to very old. I am amazed by their courage and ability to overcome so many difficulties on a daily basis, often bringing up families without any outside financial help.

The desire to help these women in some small way was very much on my heart. I have always been so impressed how even the poorest of Indian women always look so immaculately dressed even though they have very little. Then the idea came to me to give them a sari, just to say that we honour and value them.

Yes saris. Good quality saris. To give saris away to widows and other marginalised women who many view to be worthless. I was challenged by this and thought “Yes, how wonderful it would be to give a beautiful sari to women for no reason but to show her that she is of value, worthy, that when life becomes too hard she will know others care”.

In 2010 a group of women in Perth held their first High Tea for the widows of India, and, High Tea for Saris was born. Isn’t that a great way to offer Indian widows respect and value? Wouldn’t it be amazing for women around Australia to hold High Teas and raise money to buy a beautiful sari for a woman who will cherish that sari and wear it with pride? It is all about been valued, isn’t it?

If you want to host a High Tea in your community to raise money for saris and some snacks for Widows, please be in touch via [email protected] We can help you by supplying more details and our beautiful new brochures are now available. Money can also be donated directly, which will go towards purchasing saris for the widows and marginalised women in India.

If you would like to donate to the Saris for Widows you can do so by depositing money into;
Bank: Westpac
Account Name: Apostolic Church Australia
BSB: 033053
A/c: 122854
Memo: Indian Widows

High Tea for Saris, giving Indian widows respect and value.